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Terms and conditions of purchase

1. In general
  • 1: 1 These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed Online on the website but also to orders placed by telephone. By ordering any product from Sleep House you accept the following terms and conditions that apply. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions call us at 210 9317210.
  • 1: 2 If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, then you should not proceed to order a product or contact Sleep House by phone for any order.
  • 1: 3 Please note that the terms and conditions do not violate any of your legal rights.
2. Orders- Ordering from us
  • 2.1 When placing an order, make a cash offer to purchase goods. We send you an e-mail that we received your order. Once we accept it we will send you a second e-mail for confirmation which is a private agreement between the customer-company. If there are errors in the confirmation email then let us know as soon as possible so that the necessary steps can be taken.
  • 2: 2 All orders are subject to acceptance. All information entered for the sake of Sleep House must be accurate and true.
  • 2: 3 If there is any problem with your order we are committed to informing you as soon as possible.
  • 2: 4 All photos of the products are representative but there may be a difference in colors
  • 2: 5 To place an order you will need to follow and complete the ordering process step by step or contact us to help you or place your order by phone.
  • 2: 6 To place an order you must be a resident of Greece and over 18 years old.
3. Mistakes
  • 3: 1 In case a product has the wrong price we have the right to cancel the contract between us and the order (See paragraph 2.1).
  • 3: 2 Any mistake made in the description of our products will be corrected as soon as possible.
4. Prices and payment
  • 4: 1 All prices listed on our site include the legal VAT 24%
  • 4: 2 The total amount, for all products included in the order, will be charged, from the account given to us, at the same time as the order is placed.
  • 4.3 We can only accept payments from accounts issued by Greek banks.
  • 4: 4 We accept all credit and debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American express, Diners Club. We use an encrypted secure payment system from Piraeus Bank.
  • 4: 5 You must confirm that you are the holder of the debit or credit card used to purchase the product (s) on our website or by telephone order.
  • 4: 6 All information provided must be identical to the one you provided for the issue of the card you are paying for. Otherwise there may be a delay or even cancellation of your order. Your order will only be processed if payment has been confirmed.
  • 4: 7 All cardholders can be checked by the bank from which they issued their card. If the bank that issues the card refuses or for any reason does not give approval for payment to us we have the right to cancel any transaction or agreement with you.
5. Inventory of products
  • 5: 1 All products can be withdrawn at any time if they are exhausted or stopped.
  • 5: 2 We can not sell any product due to the fact that its production has stopped or its re-release has been postponed indefinitely, then the customer is reimbursed at 100% of the money he has given. Alternatively he can choose a similar product.
  • 5: 3 Products that are not in stock have an estimated delivery time. This time is indicative and does not accurately represent the delivery time. It is given to us by the manufacturer to have an indicative update. All our suppliers aim for the fastest possible service, but this is not always possible. In any case, we keep you informed about the status of your order.
6. Special dimensions
  • 6: 1 These goods are not available in stock and are usually tailored to your needs. e.g. special mattress dimensions. It is important to be sure that you have chosen the one that will make you happy and will meet your needs because these products are made especially for you and are not returned or changed (unless they are defective).
  • 6: 2 Once these items have been made / shipped to us then no cancellation of the order can be accepted as there is no refund obligation (unless the product is defective).
7. Deliveries
  • 7: 1 Please check the products that are delivered to you and make sure that they are intact but also that they are the ones you have ordered.
  • 7: 2 In case any of the products you have ordered are damaged, call us immediately to report it.
  • 7: 3 If you understand after opening the package that a product has some damage, call us to report the problem. You may also be asked for photos showing the damage.
  • 7: 4 It is your responsibility to check that you have received the correct products always in accordance with the private agreement and possibly the delivery notes. If you see any error please contact us.
  • 7: 5 Please note that no orders will be shipped unless we have contacted you first.
  • 7: 6 Please make sure your home is in a place accessible by a small / medium-sized truck (the size of an ambulance or slightly smaller than a fire truck). In case there is no direct connection for the delivery vehicle please inform us in time. Otherwise we can not guarantee delivery.
  • 7: A. Shipments within the Basin (Athens and suburbs up to 20 km from the center of Athens).
  • 7: A: 1 We ship most goods with our own drivers and our own vehicles.
  • 7: A: 2 The delivery of the products that concerns the whole of your order is delivered on the floor of the apartment building / house / delivery area. In case the goods do not fit from your staircase then the delivery is done on the ground floor.
  • 7: A: 3 Deliveries for Saturday are subject to limited availability and may incur an extra charge depending on the region.
  • 7: A: 5 For shipments within Attica we can inform you the day before about the delivery. All deliveries have a tolerance of two hours. For example, we inform you that someone should be at home to pick up from 18:00 to 20:00. The hours are specific and do not change. Also we can not be at your home or delivery place at a specific time. There is always this two hour window.
  • 7: B Shipments to the rest of Greece.
  • 7: B: 1 For the rest of Greece we work with transport agencies. Our intention is to deliver within the time limits. However, this is not always possible. Sleep House is not responsible for any delays but is committed to doing its best to ensure that all products are delivered on time.
  • 7: B: 2 All items are delivered by One person. Unless you have stated that you want an extra person and of course with the corresponding charge. The driver does not take things upstairs but leaves them on the ground floor of the delivery area.
  • 7: B: 3 In large products the driver may need unloading assistance.
  • 7: B: 4 Deliveries for Saturday are available at an additional cost of which the carrier undertakes to inform you.
  • 7: B: 5 The shipping charge to destinations outside the Basin (Athens and suburbs up to 20 km from the center of Athens) includes the shipment from Athens to the central agency of the prefecture of your location and the receipt of the goods by the agency. Otherwise there may be extra charges for which we are not responsible and which concern the respective transport agent-office that has undertaken the delivery.
8. Failed shipping attempt
  • 8: 1 Please do not throw away any of your old products unless you have received your order from us. Rarely can there be a problem with shipping to your place at the agreed time and day and it would be good not to throw away your old things until they are replaced with the new ones you have ordered.
  • 8: 2 While all of us at Sleep House work hard to deliver on time and within agreed dates and times, in rare cases we may encounter problems that may make this impossible. In the rare case that we fail to deliver we will inform you as soon as possible to arrange a new date and time that suits you. Please note that for transports outside Attica, the distributions are made by an external partner.
9. Risk
  • 9: 1 We always suggest that you have a responsible person (preferably an adult) to pick up the goods you have ordered safely and responsibly. After the goods have been delivered to your door (or in the respective space that you have indicated to us) having your physical presence or the physical presence of a third party responsible, we do not bear any responsibility for their theft or loss.
  • 9: 2 Once all the goods have been delivered, their proper handling by the customer is recommended.
10. Defective products
  • 10: 1 All products are subject to warranty given by the manufacturer, depending on the company and their type and in case there is a defect and the manufacturer is responsible then the product will be replaced or repaired.


The information you provide on our website is subject to processing as defined in the section "Privacy Policy". By providing your information and using this website, you declare that you have become aware of our company 's Privacy Policy and provide your consent to the processing of the data and information you provide to us. Further, you declare that all information and data you provide to us is accurate and true.

The data stored has to do with 2 areas:

  • Creating and maintaining a customer account in our online store in order to make it easier for the user to roam, place an order immediately and monitor his orders. The data stored is strictly used for the execution of orders.
Customer Account Data
Last name
Date Birth
Address (possibility of more than one)
Customer Orders
Order Amounts
Purchased Products
Latest messages between customer / e-shop
Latest sending of automated order messages
Latest customer connections
Abandoned Baskets

  • The sending of a message through the contact form of where the customer enters his data in order to be able to respond on our part to his message.

Contact Form Data
Order Reference Code


Encryption software is used to protect the data circulated through the Website. The decryption of your data is extremely powerful and is considered practically inviolable.


Like most sites on the internet,  uses cookies in order to identify the user and offer personalized services. More specifically, the page uses the cookies _ga cookie , _gat_gtag and _gid through the Google Analytics function to monitor the mobility of the e-shop. Furthermore, an e-shop cookie is generated which stores the data necessary for the proper operation of the e-shop. The data stored is as follows:

Cookie Storage Table
date_add The date and time of creation of the cookie (in the format CHR.-MONTH-DATE: MINUTE: MON.)
id_lang Identifier of the selected display language of the e-shop
id_currency ID of the selected currency used in the e-shop
last_visited_category Identifier of the last product category that the user has visited
ajax_blockcart_display Adjust the basket to see if it has been enlarged or reduced
viewed Product IDs that have recently appeared as a comma-separated list of items.
id_wishlist Wishlist ID displayed in the wishlist field
checkedTOS Setting that shows whether the user has accepted the terms of use or not
id_guest Visitor ID for those users who have not created an account or are not logged in to their account
id_connections Login ID of the current session (login session) of the visitor
id_customer Customer ID for those users who are logged in to their account
customer_lastname The user's last name
customer_firstname The username
logged Setup that shows if the user is logged in
passwd The MD5 hash of the cookie key as defined in the e-shop code, and the encrypted code used by the customer to enter
email The e-mail address used by the customer to enter
id_cart The ID of the basket displayed in the cart in the current phase
checksum The Blowfish checksum used to determine if the cookie has been modified by third parties. In the event of a cookie corruption, the customer will be logged out and the cookie will be deleted automatically.

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