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Do I need to turn my mattress?

The truth is that all layers need to be turned, rotated or both. Double-sided mattresses need to be turned and rotated at least 3 to 4 times a year. Single sided mattresses only need rotation. This achieves the extension of the life of the mattress, the renewal and the "laying" of the materials.

Is one test enough to choose the right mattress?

The truth is that you have a 95% chance that you will choose the right mattress for you by trying it on the posture you prefer to sleep. You will spin, lie down and get up and lie down again until you are sure that you finally like the mattress you are trying on and it is the one that will give you rest in the years to come. 5 to 10 minutes is a pretty safe time to find the one you like.

Does my body type matter what mattress I choose?

Our body type plays an important role in the final choice of mattress, so we always test the mattress before proceeding to its purchase.

How do I measure to order the right mattress size?

With a metal meter (definitely not a sewing tape measure) you should measure the inside of the bed in width and length. We do not measure the old mattress because the measurement will not be objective. Important: Be careful when measuring because in case of error the mattress is not returned or replaced and will have to be re-ordered.

Do you produce mattresses in special dimensions?

All our mattresses are produced per point in width and length (For example you can order a mattress 143X188).

Hard or soft mattress?

The ideal is a layer of medium hardness. The final choice, however, is made by our body by trying a mattress.

How often should I change the mattress?

Mattress change is influenced by many factors. The ideal is every 8-10 years and does not exceed 12. You can see more here.

I just received my mattress and it has a characteristic smell.

Do not worry at all. Like anything new, the mattress may have a completely harmless "smell of the new". It will disappear in a few days. For faster results leave the mattress without sheets for a few hours in a well-ventilated room

How many years warranty do your mattresses have?

All our mattresses are accompanied by a 5-10 year warranty depending on the model you choose. For more information about the guarantee you can refer to the following LINK to the guarantee.

Can I wash my mattress?

The mattresses should not be exposed to any kind of moisture. Their interior can be damaged and there can be serious damage to their structure and function. From the first day it is recommended to use a cover which will be preferably waterproof.

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