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How to choose a mattress - the ultimate guide

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Do you lose your sleep looking to find which mattress to choose? We have created for you the ultimate mattress buying guide to make it a little easier for you.

The most important factors to consider are all of the following and we have gathered them in one article.

1. How old is your mattress?

The age of your mattress plays a big role important role in the decision to replace it. In general if you have bought your mattress for 8 years and above it will be good to start thinking about buying a new one. However this rule does not applies to all layers. There are those who are over 8 years old and still have the right to give support and quality sleep but also on the other hand those who have not reached and will never reach 8 years and will need to be replaced because they have lost all support and anatomy.

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If you wake up tired, you feel pain, no you sleep well all night, then it's time to change your old mattress.

2.What type of mattress suits me?

The type of mattress that everyone needs from us varies according to our personal preference. With so many choices between mattress types, often it is very difficult to choose a mattress. But do not worry because below you will find in detail all the most widespread types of mattresses that exist and your choice will become a little easier.

Memory Foam memory

As their name betrays these mattresses consist of Memory Foam (memory foam) which is famous for the amazing support that gives our body but also the relief of pressure when we lie down. He had previously been accused of that warmed our bodies while we slept but the next generations of this material improved a lot in this area

  • Suitable for: Those who during their sleep want the feeling of embrace, softness, relief of pressure but also support.
  • See layers with memory Foam


Made entirely of Natural Latex, these mattresses are known for their properties to keep a cool feeling during sleep combined of course with the tremendous comfort they provide. Latex mattresses have a large and fast recovery, anatomical, sleeping comfort and cool feeling.

  • Suitable for: For those who want a quick recovery and response to their sleep. Also the specific mattress is a very good choice for those who want the feeling of a mattress without a spring but also want to avoid this feeling of embrace and immersion that Memory Foam gives.
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With springs

One of the most common types mattresses. Mattresses with springs independently or even more traditionally connected have one or more rows of springs that provide support and comfort. With the advancement of technology, the types of springs they change. In general, the higher the number of springs, the better the overall quality and the support of a mattress.

  • Suitable for: Those who want the traditional feeling of bounce and full continuous support which only a spring can provide.
  • See mattresses with springs

With integrated topsoil

This type of mattress is one newer proposal in the way the mattresses are made. The mattress has its main body as in previous categories but the main difference is that it has a -usually moderate / soft top in Its surface which is integrated and gives extra comfort and hugs our body when we lie down.

  • Suitable for: Those who want a slightly softer feeling when they sleep. If you prefer to feel like you sleep in a cloud then this type of mattress is for you.
  • See mattresses with built-in topsoil

3. What is your budget?

The budget differs as it logically from man to man. It makes sense to have some variations in prices depending on the mattress we choose but in this category of goods, that is, the most expensive mattresses do not necessarily mean the best.

Here are some tips to help you get started right Budget to spend:

Price does not mean corresponding quality - Remember that the price of a mattress is not always an indicator of its quality.

600 € - 800 € is an ideal budget - In this range of money (for a double mattress) you can buy quality mattresses that are real invest in the good sleep you will have and consequently in your health.

Don't go too far - It's not a good idea to investments in a fairly financial layer. Definitely the cheaper a mattress is the more likely you are to buy something with lower quality, but also with low lifespan and durability.

Pay good quality - A good mattress will last for at least 8 - 10 years. Think that a mattress of 1000 € with 10 years of life just costs € 0.27 / day. It is worth the money and with the above if we think that we use it daily 6-8 hours

 4. How hard should my mattress be?

Hardness is an indicator of how hard the soft is a layer. The most common question a consumer asks is, "How hard is this mattress?" This is very difficult to answer because the feel and hardness of a mattress depends on how each of us defines the hard, the medium, the soft. It is purely subjective. Additionally factors such as its type body, weight, size and other factors play a role in the sensation that everyone can perceive.

Many times consumers confuse it support with hardness. A mattress that provides good support simply means that it holds our spine in the right position and aligned without creating pressure points. If a mattress does not provide enough support it is very likely to cause us problems. Hardness is related to how comfortable a mattress is after all. Either hard either medium or soft.

5. What is the sleeping position?

On the side, back, snout or a little from all. Each of us sleeps as he likes and in a special way. The problem is that most do not they are looking for a mattress that supports the position in which they sleep. Each sleeping position has its own needs to be covered.


Those who sleep on the side do not stay continue in this position. Many times they change from having both legs straight to having one leg straight and the other bent or both legs bent. With this constant change those who sleep on the side need a layer of medium to soft in hardness.

Hardness and feel are important for those who sleep on their side, so the ideal mattress for them is a mattress that will embrace the curves of their body. A very hard mattress does not hug the body and causes a lack of support which usually results in pain in the body.


Hardness and support are two important facts about people sleeping on their backs. A very soft mattress may not support it quite the waist of the one lying on his back. This automatically creates pain in the middle and over time various problems in our spine. So for those who sleep on their backs the ideal mattress should be Stable.


For those who sleep face down and looking for a new mattress should prioritize support. The sternum will give her greater pressure on the mattress. For this reason they need a mattress that provides support throughout their body. If the the middle part of the body sinks more then the one who sleeps will notice his spine to curves during sleep, which can cause lower back pain and other problems.

Those who sleep on their backs should be as much as possible aligned with the mattress. Even something as small as a tall pillow could pull it out their spine out of alignment causing pain and discomfort.

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